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American Literacy CouncilFor more than 150 years the American Literacy Council (ALC) has issued scholarly research, publications and innovative strategies, to help counter the dismal literacy statistics found in most English-speaking countries. Our goal is to share with you tools, concepts, and action plans that support this effort.

We have collected and posted, on this site, a variety of related materials: scholarly articles, practical "how-to" case studies, recordings, videos, conceptual debates, sources for software packages, links to classroom materials, lists of funding sources, professional organizations, statistical studies, and examples of innovative initiatives.

I can be reached at the Boulder Colorado Literacy Research Center by calling (303) 440-7385 or emailing

Warm Regards,

Robert Alan Mole, President
American Literacy Council


The American Literacy Council's main purpose is to convey information on new solutions, innovative technologies, and tools for engaging more boldly in the battle for literacy.

Translator to Reformed Spelling

English Without Limits - A free video course of Immersion English for beginners.

RKM Alphabet Lessons
Videos - Media Clips
Reading App Mobile 112 - Application for your android, tablet, or smart phone - recognizes text and reads out loud for dyslexics.


Dictionary of Simplified American Spelling
Life with Letters
Archives - Internet Explorer required


To volunteer to teach, or to get tutoring in literacy, please visit ProLiteracy.


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