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This presentation is one of six multi-media presentations designed to increase awareness of the shift in the United States from a nation of 90% English literacy to a nation of 30% literacy - and becoming worse at the continuing rate of 2.4 million each year since 1990.

This presentation will demonstrate that historically we were a literate culture. At one time writing was the dominant method for enabling public debate and for sustaining a democratic form of government. Newspapers had very few pictures – wood cuts were too costly and paper was scarce.

We will show that more than half the population can now be classified as illiterate. For them, the thought-boosting services of print are out of reach. Poverty and desperation usually accompany illiteracy.

Despite massive government programs and volunteer agencies, the literacy problem grows worse by about 2.4 million persons each year. (Hunter and Harman, “Adult Illiteracy in the US.”)

The ALC Internet site is at where significant resources, writings, and materials are collected - made available in support of improving English literacy.

Government sources of statistics and literacy surveys will be referenced throughout this presentation. Last updated - 2007.

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