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In 1993 this Times front page article described a formal study conducted by the Educational Testing Service in Princeton N.J.

Reasons for the increase in illiteracy were cited as:

- This study went deeper than previous studies, requiring people to demonstrate their ability to read directions, or choose a lowest price.
- Insufficient education, dropouts, and failures in teaching.
- Growing number of adults whose first language is not English.
- The demands of the workplace vastly increased at the same time.

QUOTES: “The results are very sobering and they indicate the need for a much greater effort than has been expended until now.”

“Literacy programs are fragmented, reaching only a small fraction of adults who have trouble reading.”

“Businesses lose between $25 billion and $30 billion each year in lost productivity, errors, and accidents attributable to poor literacy.”

“Corporate programs, schools, and volunteer programs pale, given the enormity of the problem. This is clearly disappointing in terms of where we are and where we want to be as a society.”

(Quotations are from the article)

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