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Other aids in our literacy free-fall are the commercial products available to parents and volunteers through local stores and teacher supply companies.

Parents who experience frustration with how their children are learning to write at school, often turn to commercial products in the hope that something out there will save their children from the closet of illiteracy.

These products are often helpful. Commercial assistance is valuable and praised by many successful buyers.

Education departments in schools and colleges usually turn to their own professional curricula because of the testing results they must report.

Any parent whose children are having trouble learning to write or read is likely to buy product after product in the event that one or another of them might help. In a free-fall situation, all forms of aid are welcome.

The Hooked on Phonics product is probably the best known. Over 13,000 people per month search on Google and Yahoo for "Hooked Phonics." The product includes flash cards, instructor guides, and cassette tapes providing bouncy music that claims to assist the connection between sounds and letters. The CEO claimed in "Success” magazine, (Oct. 1992)" that he was grossing $85 million annually in sales at that time.

The slide below displays other commodity products.

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