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Sound-Write is a computer program that enables people of any age to type words by using letters as they think they might be used. The purple words in the second line above show how the student spelled each word.

However, the computer instantly provided the “correct” spelling (in white), replacing each invented spelling the student had typed. It also pronounced the word aloud, reinforcing the link between the sight of the correctly spelled word and its correct pronunciation.

Upon going to a new line, the misspelled words disappear so that the screen is not cluttered with misspelled words. The computer speaks each word as it is corrected, providing audio feedback as well as spelling feedback.

This program was been tested at Columbia Teachers College for effectiveness. It's sold through a separate web site, having been fully funded by the American Literacy Council, now evolved to become a commercial product. See also two other products from the ALC - Spell-well and Double-line. 212 781-0099.

Other features of the software are described later. A full version of the software can be downloaded from the American Literacy Web Site.

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