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For families or schools wishing to assist students in learning to write, the example above shows that the student attempted to spell democracy in three differing ways. The word WINS was also misspelled.

The computer was able to instantly present the correct spelling. You can't hear it, but the computer also pronounced each word immediately through a speaker attached to the computer. This is an aid to persons who need to hear the accurate pronunciation of English words.

The lavendar words were invented by the beginning student. Since they are incorrect, they are removed from the screen as soon as it proceeds to the next line. If you can get the student to try to type words however he or she thinks they might be spelled, they quickly realize that the computer will be neutral and forgiving - and therfore confidence and self-assurance is gained. Tables in the software enable it to correct millions of misspelled words. If you type in random letters, or a proper name like ALASKA or CATHERINE, the computer will not find a way to verify these words. It then places the unknown word on the screen, but in a blue color so that the user knows it was not recognized. Such words are not spoken by the computer so that nonsense sounds are avoided.

Dr. Rondthaler, shown (now 102 years old) has invested more than 20 years perfecting the tables that are used in the Sound-Write and Double-Line products.. He has been CEO of the American Literacy Council for the past 30 years.

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