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ALC Officers and Board Members

Dr. Edward Rondthaler, Board Chairman

Dr. Rondthaler has been a prolific writer in the areas of literacy, orthography, and phonics. He was CEO of the International Typeface Corporation, an organization deeply involved with legibility in print. His life is described in the book Life with Letters. He is largely responsible for updating the 26-letter phonetic notation system developed by scholars in ALC's earlier decades.  His work in extending the phonics concept to cover the 50,000 most used English words has been useful for learners of all ages.  His work is documented in the book  American SpellingDr. Rondthaler resides in Croton-on Hudson, New York at the ALC research center.

Dr. Edward Lias, President

Dr. Lias designed much of the software that comprises Sound-Write. His background is in educational administration. He authored the book Future Mind which explores the potential effects of technology on culture. He was also a marketing executive for a national company that supplies software to colleges and school districts.  He is a conference speaker on topics related to the history of literacy and evolving technology.  Dr. Lias resides near Chicago. 

Alan Mole, MA.  Vice President

Alan Mole is a rocket scientist and writer who champions initiatives related to spelling simplification and English orthography.  He is producing the ALC product called Spell-Well described in the "Items for Sale" web page.  Alan resides in Boulder, Colorado.

Dr. Helen Bisgard, B.A., M.A., M.Ed., PhEd., Archivist.   

Dr. Bisgard served as Director of Teacher Training at the University of Denver. She was an elementary school principal, and has had wide experience in teaching reading and writing at all levels from primary grades through college remedial laboratories.  Dr. Bisgard resides in Florida.

Frya Barnes, B.A., CPA, Treasurer. 

Ms. Barnes served as a systems analyst for the International Business Machines Corporation and is a Certified Public Accountant.  She resides in New York State.

David Lally, MA.  Secretary to the ALC. School teacher and literacy specialist.  Utilized the ALC software as a literacy tool at Sing-Sing Correctional Facility in New York State.

Joseph R. Little, B.A., M.A., Managing Director

Mr. Little's Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics is from Columbia University Teachers College, where he assisted literacy field testing. He has served as remedial reading consultant at the Bloomingdale Head Start Program, adjunct instructor of English at Pace University, and ESL instructor at Inwood Community Services.  Mr. Little manages the day-to-day operations of the ALC, residing in New York City.

Roster of Advisory Board

Walter F. Cook, B.S., developer of word processing for Oriental languages

Douglas Hart, B.S., M.B.A, president Hart Industries, business consultant

Dr. Wilbur J. Kupfrian, B.S., M.E., LL.D., industrialist, attorney, engineer and systems designer

Dr. Robert S. Laubach,
B.A., M.A., PhD. in linguistics, educator, Pres. Emeritus Laubach Literacy, author, journalist

Jack Mleynek,
A.B., sociologist, writer, public response analyst

Ellison Scudder, B.M., M.M., IT professional, teacher, musician, community volunteer

John Riley, MA.  Author and publisher related to literacy and spelling reform. 

Bob Riekert, MA.  Former IBM executive and active in directing technology initiatives. 

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