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There is a $25 charge for joining the American Literacy Council, but browsers of this ALC web page pay only $20 -- a 20% savings for first time members. Members receive quarterly bulletins from the Council that present current research, statistics, news, and services that can assist learners or teachers.

The ALC is an approved 501c3 not-for-profit organization, and it welcomes contributions for which tax deductible receipts are issued. Contributions are used in turn to provide new literacy services, maintain the New York office, underwrite community-based research projects, and provide occasional grants of tutoring, teacher training, and other services.

One resource available from ALC is the multi-media presentation prepared and delivered by Dr. Edward Lias. This master keynote-type speech has been designed for medium and large conference audiences where literacy issues, ESL, or workforce training is involved. Using a large screen projector and multimedia laptop equipped with sound, Dr Lias’ speech presents three areas in which technology attacks the literacy challenge. Dr. Lias’ background is in the area of technology.  His degrees are from Columbia University and New York University.

If you are interested in the impact of illiteracy and the need for attacking it thru creative tools and actions, click below to receive a membership packet. After you receive it we will hope to hear from you, of course. But if we don’t hear from you, we will honor your decision to forego this special web page membership offer.

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