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SoundSpel: A Free Software Product

SoundSpel adds to Microsoft Word(tm) the capability for one-click translation from regular spelling to phonic spelling sometimes called SoundSpel. Type or open a document in Word, click a button, and in seconds see the document in phonic form (SoundSpel form.)

There is also a twin product called "DoubleLine." This program product produces a line of SoundSpel under a line of regular spelling. A struggling reader or ESL student can check hard words by just comparing the word in question with the same word in the line below, providing a consistent use of letters that assists pronunciation, especially for foreign-born students.
The address for downloading SoundSpel and/or DoubleLine is

Fully Functional, Easy to Try:  

SOUND-WRITE Trial Software 

with Instant Audiovisual Feedback

Sound-Write is word processing software with instant audiovisual feedback.  Features  include unobtrusive, multi-sensory spelling correction, instantly usable phonic/tutor support, and a corpus of 50,000 words-- at $79 for a single work station.  Call to discuss bulk pricing for labs and campus licenses.

To download just click below where it says Download Software then click on the "Run this program from its current location" option and, finally, click "yes" when you're asked "Do you want to install and run setup.exe from www.americanliteracy. com?" Then just follow the standard installation instructions.

The "Sample Screens" button provides additional information and screen shots.

Call 212 874-0870 or Email us if you have any trouble downloading or if you want more info about the full unlimited-use version of the program.


The letter below is from the Hamilton-Madison House, 50 Madison St. NYC Phone (212) 349-3724.

Dear Mr. Little:

I want to express my sincere thanks  to you and the ALC for developing such an innovative software program. Sound-Write is in tune to the English language learning needs of our native English and Spanish- speaking parents, starting out with simple phonetic exercises and progressing to more complex sentence formation. (I appreciate also the time, patience, and concern you've shown for our parent's needs.)
I hope that once the program is finished, we can further research how this software program can benefit our Chinese parents and their special language learning needs. Thanks!

Melissa Gorton, Social Service Director.

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