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Mission: to create and distribute tools and resources that help those who are learning to write and read English, a simple language with a complex spelling system.  The ALC also carries on the hope of the founders in 1876, supporting movement of the written language toward more user-friendly spellings as exhibited in the alternate spelling forms seen in dictionaries, and other efforts that nudge the written language toward simpler or more consistent forms of spelling.

To support the goal of assisting non-reading persons, the, ALC created the Sound-Write reading & spelling software system that can be downloaded from this site.  It gives learners instant audiovisual feedback on Windows and MAC-based systems.  

Other products include The American Spelling Dictionary, The American Spelling Menu orthographic search and research software (for DOS), along with tutorial training, tech support, and referrals to NIFL, NCOL, Laubach & LVA--just to name a few highly-regarded organizations.  For a full list of products, click on "Items for Sale." 





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