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           Sample Sound-Write Screens         

A Totally New Tool That Advances Non-readers

into Writing and Reading

Invented spelling and phonic spelling is automatically corrected and each word is spoken aloud by the computer.  Words and sentences are spoken clearly with a natural voice through computer earphones or speakers. By clicking on any word, it is spoken aloud as often as desired, assisting those who wish to improve non-English accents or for those where English is a second language.  

On the screen below, the reason the text appears to be clean and perfect is because the computer instantly corrected misspelled words like "furst" or "kumpanie" leaving the user with virtually clean text on the screen.  Misspellings are shown for a brief period below the corrected words.  

Click the "Download Sound-Write" button on the left to get your trial copy which includes the DECtalk Speech and Voice Engine.  Fonix Corporation assisted in funding the human-quality voice that accompanies this software.





























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