American Literacy Council Mission Statement

1.   The ALC aims to provide comprehensive information related to English literacy, and to assist individuals who seek guidance for helping persons who cannot read.

2.   As a non-profit service agency the ALC analyzes and publishes information related to emerging literacy methods, concepts, and spelling reform resources.
Persons targeted for this service include teachers, parents, librarians, literacy center leaders, linguists, academic research initiatives, literacy grant specialists, and state or regional literacy program leaders.

The ALC faithfully supports the vision of the founders who in 1876 valued any and all methods that could enlarge the circle of English-reading people. We support the founders' vision which valued gradual unforced evolution of the written language toward more simple and consistent spellings. Spelling reform, whether acheived slowly, or through legislation continues to be part of the basic mission.
Trends will be published occasionally in ALC newsletters illustrating accepted alternate spelling forms now seen in dictionaries and in newspaper editorials. Email and word processing is used extensively in offices and homes. This slowly nudges written English toward simpler, more consistent forms of spelling. The ALC reports on these changes and encourages other innovative simplification actions as one means of easing the struggle for persons learning to read.

  Objective One:  

Communicate literacy information using multi-media such as newsletters delivered by email, published editorials, online audio recordings, on-line video clips, opinion papers, down-loadable literacy software, links to academic materials, statistical studies, reviews of new initiatives, survey results, web-page graphics, photos, and charts.

  Objective Two:  

Summarize and publish literacy resources in these specific fields:
♦ Teachers of English as 2nd language ♦ Dyslexia Information
♦ Evolution of spelling standards ♦ Phonics as used at all age levels
♦ Teachers of reading in the early grades ♦ Volunteer efforts at literacy centers, churches, and community centers.
♦ Funding and grant programs ♦ Literacy facts, surveys, numbers, trends

  Objective Three:  

Provide ready access to specific products such as The American Spelling Dictionary, SpellWell software, Sound-Write software, "Gift of the Magi" double-line booklet, and other downloadable materials.