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  1  About The American Literacy Council
     Contact Information
     This Unique Doorway
     Brief Backgrouns of the ALC
     ALC Site Map

  2  Mission and History
     Mission Statement
     ALC History
     U.S. History of Literacy

  3  ALC Management
     ALC Board Members
     Contributors and Friends

  4  Software for Teaching of Reading

  5  Video Resources
     Lucile Ball Teaches Pronunciation
     Library Patron Meets Literacy Expert
     Rickie Meets Grammar Expert
     Proof that DUMB is DUM

  6  Famous Historic Audio Lectures
     Godfrey Dewey Centennial
     Dewey Contribution Lecture
     Kilpatrick- Columbia - Part 1
     Kilpatrick- Columbia - Part 2
     Godfrey Dewey on Reform

  7  Dyslexia

  8  Phonics and Spelling
     Spelling Resources
     Phonics Resources

  9  Simplified Spelling Samples
     Simplification History
     Simplification Example 1
     Simplification- Example 2
     Simplification- Mark Twain
     Simplification- Example 4
     Simplification- Example 5
     Related Journals

  10 Literacy History & Statistics PPT
     Seeking Remedy Part 1
     Seeking Remedy Part 2
     Seeking Remedy Part 3
     Seeking Remedy Part 4
     Seeking Remedy Part 5
     Seeking Remedy Part 6

  11 English-2nd Language
     A New Strategy
     ESL Links & Resources

  12 Teacher/Parent
     Parents as Teachers
     Methods of Teaching Reading
     Computer-Assisted Methods
     Resources for Parent-Teachers

  13 Literacy Volunteer Groups
     Volunteer Agencies

  14 Phonic Research
     Phonic Purity Research & Files

  15 Grant Agencies
     Federal Grant Agencies
     State Level Grants
     Corporate & Other Grants

  16 Rondthaler Writings
     Short Articles

  17 Quotes and Statistics
     Famous Quotations
     Literacy Statistics

  18 Newsletter Samples
     ALC Newsletter Feb. 2005
     ALC Newsletter July 2006

  19 Books; Bibliographies
     Brief Reviews
     Book Lists

  20 Photos Related to Literacy
     Public Domain Photos

  20 This Site Map
     Site Map -ALC

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