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 Sound-Write Example Number One.

This example shows output from the "DoubleLine" program which is available on this web site.

A computer file in simple text format can be called into DoubleLine to transliterate the text into this phonic version of simplified spelling.

Persons at many levels of reading skill will be able to read and pronounce the words below because letters are used consistently to designate the sounds to be spoken.

Whereas phonics - used in kindergarten and first grades - consists of about 300 words that are spelled consistently as a method for awakening the idea of associating sounds with symbols, the Sound-Write program uses a vocabulary of 44,000 words that are spelled consistently throughout.

Reformed or Simplified spelling can be a significant aid to learners at any level - especially those learning English as a second language. Unlike the phonetic symbols used in dictionaries that allegedly assist people in correctly pronouncing words, this example demonstrates that words themselves should consistently dictate the normal pronunciation of every word. Diacritical markings seen in dictionaries aren't needed if normal alphabetic letters were used consistently throughout the whole English language vocabulary.