State-Funded Literacy Programs

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Every U.S. state has an office and staff who administer State-funded literacy programs. Funding sources vary from state to state, sometimes varying widely because federal funds are often promised, approved, but not always delivered to the states.

Each state makes its department or division accessible to school administrators and to home schoolers who inquire about resources.


The Education Commission of the States maintains this map on their web site. When you bring up the site and click on any state of interest, you're then transferred to a state office site where all their state-based literacy programs, grants, and resources are summarized with further links to specific offices and initiatives.

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  NOTICE: This is an excellent method for quickly getting to any state literacy site. However, the data on all these state links were last updated in 2002. There is contact information on the individual state sites so that persons seeking grants or state-funded programs can call or write to the state offices to obtain more current information.


There are regional specialist organizations that assist state specialists. For example the State Adolescent Literacy Network at the National Association of State Boards of Education. See one of their helpful publications here titled "From State Policy to Classroom Practice: Improving Literacy Instruction for all Students" by Mariana Haynes  Click Here


Compare State Literacy Programs Across Multiple States This remarkable service is maintained by the ECS, enabling teachers and administrators to compare programs between multiple states. When you bring up this site, the captured image below enables you to make the comparisons. When the site comes up, click check marks into your own fields and a printable report is generated. This gathers information quickly that would be very hard to obtain apart from the database that is maintained by the agency.

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State Literacy Program Components The chart below is a captured screen of this research tool. Given the component(s) selected, the computer gathers information from all U.S. states related to that component. This should be of value to researchers and to persons seeking to design unique literacy programs, surveys, or tools. The program you hope to design may already be operating in some other state and this search-service can help prevent redundant efforts.

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