It's hard to believe the power of instant positive reinforcement and constructive feedback - both visual and audible.  With mostly clean text to look at, the immediate vision of success makes learners try again for additional successes.
 A Totally New Tool.
 It advances non-reading people 
 into writing and reading. 

Phonic spelling and invented spelling is automatically corrected and each word is spoken aloud by the computer.

Language Labs: Sound-Write assists students where English is a second language.  Provides clearly articulated English pronunciations.

Literacy Centers: Where adults of any age seek help in learning to read.

Remedial Labs: Where students with reading deficiencies are provided with tools and assistance in mastering decoding and reading comprehension.

Community Centers:Where Civic organizations, churches, clubs, and neighborhood initiatives provide assistance to illiterate neighbors.

Prisons: where literacy tools are used in classes for those who lack reading ability.


Contact Information:
American Literacy Council Sound-Write Support   (936) 560-5400

Text Processing Software for Persons Learning To Read or Write.
Instant Audio-visual Feedback is included.
Computer Speakers must be turned on and working.
Sound-Write runs on individual workstations only - not on network servers.

Free Download Here For Single Workstations
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This software download provides rights for unlimited use as a grant from the American Literacy Council.
Sound-Write is provided "as-is" with no implied warranties or guarantees.
Sound-Write is under copyright, 2004 - 2007, All Rights Reserved by American Literacy Council.


Free Download
For Single Workstations
Sound-Write Download
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Granted with rights for unlimited use from the ALC.

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