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All American Literacy Products are structured for use in home or classroom.

BEFORE TEACHING THE ABC's - Audio-visual tool that gives children between 3 and 6 a phonics head start. Enables parents or teachers to help children learn to write and read by explaining the SOUND of each letter. $7.00.

THE GIFT - A storybook version of O'Henry's "The Gift of the Magi", that provides reading material in an interesting, remedial way. The text is printed in parallel lines, black and red, in a way akin to Spell-Well. The sound-spelling (i.e. the way the word sounds) appears in red below each word and, unless needed for support, is hidden by a movable film overlay. Help is at the reader's fingertips. $5.00.

AMERICAN SPELLING DICTIONARY - An experimental dictionary for those interested in spelling. 44,000 words spelled in conventional and 'American' spelling. This proposal for a simplified, optional spelling is offered in response to the complexity of traditional English spelling and its cause-and-effect relationship with functional illiteracy. $10.00.

AMERICAN SPELLING MENU - A PC-based system of word lists with programs that enable users to explore a corpus of 44,000 English words for spelling frequency and pattern. As with the American Spelling Dictionary, each conventional spelling is accompanied by its American equivalent, a simpler spelling based on the 26 letters of the alphabet to consistently describe the 42 sounds used when speaking English. The system is able to translate common word processing documents from conventional spelling to this simpler phonetic spelling. $10.00.

SOUND-WRITE Trial Disk - Fully functional version of the word processing software with instant audiovisual feedback. Runs seven times, then call to pay and receive a release key over the phone. Free trial download.

SOUND-SPELLING STARTER KIT - This kit contains a list of 100 words that can be simplified (according to linguists), and a rubber stamp which states that the simplified 'sound-spellings' are approved, standardized and promoted by the ALC. $10.00.

RELATIVE FREQUENCY OF ENGLISH SPELLINGS - If spelling's your thing, this 'must read' by Godfrey Dewey is your book. Based on 100,000 running words of printed text, this study provides crucial evidence on the English spelling regularities and irregularities with which readers must cope in decoding writing into speech (or encoding speech into writing). 142 pp. $10.00.

ENGLISH SPELLING, ROADBLOCK TO READING - Godfrey Dewey touches on the history of English spelling and ways to improve it. A book about learning to read, and the principle means which have been employed to detour the massive roadblocks our traditional orthography imposes. 181 pp. $10.00.

SPELLING REFORM, A NEW APPROACH - English spelling takes too long to learn and is educationally harmful. For this and other reasons author Harry Lindgren says it needs simplifying, and proposes an inconspicuous change called SR1: the clear short vowel as in bet is written e. 152 pp. $10.00.

SIMPLIFIED SPELLING FOR GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS, 1906 - Fascinating! President Theodore Roosevelt issued an Executive order (thru the Office of the Public Printer) authorizing and directing that the Government Departments adopt the system of spelling recommended by the Simplified Spelling Board. Includes those texts and the accompanying list of words -- while supplies last. 57 pp. $5.00.

HOW WE SPELL! OR ENGLISH HETEROGRAPHY - Includes two tables, one in which Godfrey Dewey reveals 561 ways we spell 41 sounds in English, and the other in which he displays the various pronunciations of English spellings. 96 pp. $5.00.

WORLD ENGLISH SPELLING (WES) DICTIONARY - In his culmination of a lifetime of research, Godfrey Dewey offers this intriguing phonemic notation for English which offers basically one spelling per sound, one pronunciation per spelling. It accomplishes this with no new letters, no diacritics, and as little disturbance of familiar forms and usage as practicable. 99 pp. $5.00.

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