American Literacy Council

American Literacy Council's Mission

The American Literacy Council aims to provide information related to English literacy, and to assist individuals who seek guidance for helping persons who cannot read and/or write.

As a non-profit service agency the American Literacy Council analyzes and publishes information related to emerging literacy methods, concepts, and spelling reform resources.

The American Literacy Council faithfully supports the vision of the founders who, in 1876, valued any and all methods that could enlarge the circle of English-reading people. We support the founders' vision which values gradual unforced evolution of the written language toward more simple and consistent spellings. Spelling reform, whether acheived slowly, or through legislation continues to be part of the basic mission.

A Big Thank You ...

to all of the Contributing Members and Friends of the American Literacy Council. Without your help, our mission would not be possible.

The American Literacy Council is incorporated as a Not-for-Profit 501c3 Organization.


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