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Drops in a Bucket ... Add Up to Real Water

The American Literacy Council (, a century-old, non-profit organization that offers literacy software to young and old alike, recommends the following sensible, palatable, subtle, simple spellings to editors thruout the country:

1. At the very least: you, you'd, you'll, you're & you've is replaced by u, u'd, u'll, u're & u've– as is already the case thruout the e-mail & text-messaging world and in a wide array of hip-hop texts.

2. A fraction more than #1: #1, plus the replacement of rough, cough, tough, doughnut, throughout, through, laugh, laughter, although, enough, dough – ruff, coff, tuff, donut, thruout, thru, laff, lafter, altho, enuff, doh. All of them are obvious enuff and are popping up all over– especially 'laff' in mainstream papers.

3. Pushing the envelope a fraction: #1 and #2 plus the replacement of neighbor, neighborhood and height with nabor, naborhood, and hight – in keeping with 'nabe' (abbr. for neighborhood) & 'high'.

That's it– enuff said. While we do have a greater, longer list, we don't recommend it for mainstream contexts, that is, for mainstream publications. While there's more than one way to implement this reader-friendly list, it may be that the simplest, cheapest way is to download the inexpensive, industry-standard AutoCorrect Plus at We recommend it – but we have no affiliation with Fanix or its AutoCorrect Plus. 

Finally, tho the above simpler spellings are sensible and palatable, it is sensible to matter-of-factly alert your audience regarding changes, or maybe not. It's up to u. We just want to see reader-friendly changes happen without readers becoming unfriendly. Furthermore, u may refer to these simplifications as being recommend- ed by American Literacy Council if u wish – or not. We can provide you with a certificate praising your reader-friendly changes, and are chatting with other literacy/education groups regarding praises or salutes they can offer to publications that have instituted noticeable change.

We welcome positive/negative feedback and look forward to hearing from you at – or call us at (212) 663-4200. We look forward to hearing from u. 


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