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Similar to a ship's window, this website enables you to peer out from your private world of teaching, parenting, coaching, or literacy center management. There's an ocean of literacy information out there - over 35 million items on the Internet search engines related to illiteracy, literacy, ESL, dyslexia, phonics, and spelling reform that you could view and analyze - although not in your lifetime.

We've selected specific items that will lead you to further exploration. As this site continues to fill up with pointers and links to the larger world out there, you'll be empowered to move further in your study of literacy-related topics.

We've collected scholarly articles, as well as, practical "how-to" case studies. There are recordings, videos, conceptual debates, sources for software packages, links to classroom materials, lists of funding sources, professional organizations, statistical studies, and examples of innovative initiatives.

A high percentage of our visitors get here by using search engines - Yahoo/Overture, Google, and MSN Search are used most frequently. We know the audience is vast because the Nielson company and other rating companies keep counts on the searching traffic. You have many intellectual partners if you're concerned about literacy. The following topic areas reveal how many people did searches in June of 2007 in these subject areas:

Searches per Month:
 ESL and EFL  53,840  Major topic for educators
 Spelling  45,000  Skewed by searches for "Spelling Bee"
 Dyslexia  36,381  Major topic for special ed staff
 Phonics  14,185  Critical learning factor
 Reading  11,862  Comprehension evaluations
 Eng as 2nd Lang  6,848  ESL not abbreviated for these searches
 Reading Worksheets  3,315  In demand for each grade level

The following articles, documents, and other teaching aids help to provide numerous research opportunities for educators with literacy tools and methods, appropriate for that time:

BetterSpell - Reform English

English Without Limits

Videos - Media Clips
Reading App Mobile 112 - Application for your android, tablet, or smart phone - recognizes text and reads out loud for dyslexics.

ESL Compressed Phonic Alphabet


Teaching Alphabet

Dictionary of Simplified American Spelling

Life with Letters

Archives - Internet Explorer required

Catalog - Books and Tools Available


Literacy and Orthography Links



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